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Calendar and appointments

No more unuseful notebooks, someone else’s bad writings and no more lost appointments. Time has come for the new and improved calendar. The more convenient it is, the better it is to work with for you. This is why we’ve designed a useful, efficient and easy to use calendar. You can see your schedule, you can get access to any information you need about the appointments, and we’ve picked colors that would be most pleasant for the eye.

All new appointments will appear right in the calendar, and what is even more awesome is that every service provider will have his own calendar!

With one click you can create a new appointment. With few simple steps client can book an appointment via thought-out web plugin. But we didn’t stop at that; our goal is to shorten the booking process to almost one click. Technology of Data Science approach allows to analyze and predict client's behaviour, this way he won’t be asked the same questions every single time he books you.

Employee and client

Now all the information you need about your employees and clients is in one place. You can see employees history, which services he provides, his contact data. Also every employee will have his own calendar, where he can see his schedule and all awaiting appointments. Feedback about his work will also go directly to his account. You can view the history of his appointments, see how often he was booked and how satisfied his clients were.

With Axsys.connect you will get a useful client database. It will contain all booking history, which services client booked, his feedbacks, and of course contacts. This is very important in order to understand and satisfy your client needs, and turn him into a loyal one. Besides this database allows to predict client's behaviour, make him special offers, and make his booking process simpler in the future.


Hi, Carl! Wanted to remind,
that you have a hair cut on

Hi, Bot! Wow, thanks, I
almost forgot! At what

On Thursday at 5 PM.

Cool! See you then!

See you soon! Be

Type your text...

notifications and communication

It is all about the CONNECTion between you and your employees, between you and your clients, right? This is why we brought this communication to a totally different level! We carefully developed and created cute and thoughtful notifications and reminders, but of course you can always change them to your own style. In addition to SMS and Email notifications you get a Chat Bot. It will make your business reachable 24 hours a day, and this means that you won’t lose clients due to missed phone calls. Besides, better communication with clients means less no-shows, what leads to more profit and no time wasting. Did you know that notifications and reminders systems enure 50 % less no-shows? Just think about it!

You won’t need to call your clients every time, we will ping them for you - what will save you a lot of time and money. More than that, our solution analyzes any unusual behaviour of your clients, for example, some client hasn’t gotten a haircut in over two months. System will track such behaviour and ping your customer, what will help to retain your regular client.

Analitics and data

In order to make right business decisions we have to understand our business. This is when our analytics will do the trick. Analytics shows you all the data you need to comprehend how you business works; for example, what services bring you the most profit, and which ones are not profitable for your business. This means that you can determine which services you should leave, and get more money, and which ones are bad for your business. See what you get? Clear understanding and right decisions.

Analyze who of your service providers is the most productive, and the average number of orders per day per provider. This way you will know, who brings you the most profit, and who is the weak link.

Finally, your financial statements: average check per customer; correlation between services; average income; maximum and minimum daily income; trends regarding the services; percentage of refusals; the number of no-shows.

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